How to eliminate over $20,000 of debt in one year. (Or more like, how I plan to)

Well, well, well, the internet works fast. So if you were to believe my last post, then you might think I was a newly minted five-thousandaire. Meaning I had a net worth of $5000. ¬†Turns out that's not entirely true. I need to come clean. I have closet debt. I took out: A student loan... Continue Reading →


How to save $5000 and pay off debt at the same time.

I made $5000. Well, more like I had it already. I didn't realize it though until I added it up. Between all my accounts including¬†retirement which I never added into my goal budget I have $5000 worth of assets. I didn't include my IRA because there is a penalty for withdrawing that money until I... Continue Reading →

What is this whole wealth building thing anyways? Google it.

The internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You can literally consume a Harvard-level amount of knowledge or bing-watch 16 hours of cat videos while stuffing your face with Cheetos. I think most of us fall somewhere in between. While I like cat videos as much as the next guy, I had... Continue Reading →


Knowledge is power (Make a damn budget!)

So, like I said when I left off, I was in debt up to my tits and had just gone deeper after hitting that deer (technically he hit me, but whatever) and my funds in my checking account were draining fast. I had thankfully secured a personal loan in late December of $5000 so my... Continue Reading →


I was in debt up to my eyeballs…

So it all started when I hit a deer. It was a cold, dark, frosty December morning in late 2016. I was on my way to work and had the road to mostly myself (not much traffic in Nevada County at 6:30 in the morning) so I was cruising along at a healthy clip. I... Continue Reading →


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