How to eliminate over $20,000 of debt in one year. (Or more like, how I plan to)

Well, well, well, the internet works fast. So if you were to believe my last post, then you might think I was a newly minted five-thousandaire. Meaning I had a net worth of $5000. ¬†Turns out that's not entirely true. I need to come clean. I have closet debt. I took out: A student loan... Continue Reading →


How to save $5000 and pay off debt at the same time.

I made $5000. Well, more like I had it already. I didn't realize it though until I added it up. Between all my accounts including¬†retirement which I never added into my goal budget I have $5000 worth of assets. I didn't include my IRA because there is a penalty for withdrawing that money until I... Continue Reading →

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